Iterations of Repetition (2023)

A film by
Nina Veech

Romy Adair

Lighting Technician
Ethan Luke Eardley

Iterations of Repetitions explores the world of ballet through the lens of perfectionism. Through its minimal presentation and poetic application, the film delves deep into the illusion of perfection, a goal that always seems just out of reach.

Layering and scaling techniques create visually rhythmic patterns that slow down the movement's pace, allowing the viewer to observe more contemplatively and appreciate the subtle variations in each repetition of a movement. Inspired by over a decade of professional ballet training, the artist aims to challenge the idealised image of ballet and contribute to a broader conversation about the intense pressures of the ballet industry.

This stripped-back film takes the audience on a visceral and immersive journey, exploring the beauty and complexity of ballet and the human pursuit of perfection.