Lost & Found Vol.1 (2021)

"Lost and Found" is an ongoing series that examines the practical use of vernacular photography in public space by means of appropriation and recontextualisation. The first edition of the series consists of eight missing report posters found and removed from the streets of London. The poster motifs are juxtaposed fragments cat, ring or hard drive providing the compositional structure. The collected materials share a common feature of the photographic medium whose original function served social and communicative purposes. The “found" street posters combine photography with typography to aid their creator in retrieving what they have lost. By extracting the posters from their original location without any consent, I intervene in this process making the act of appropriation a very physical one. Through simple abstraction methods and placing the redesigned visual content in connection to one another, the photographs take on a new level of functionality with new artistic interventions. The broader intention is to reassess the everyday imagery which influences our urban public spaces reflecting a more local context void of the networked online global community.