K6 X 100


K6X100 (2021)

"K6x100" is a Three-Dimensional photo installation comprising a total number of 100 K6 telephone booths shot on location in central London. The K6 model is one of the oldest models found on London's streets, with the first telephone booth of its kind dating back to 1936. Its distinctive design made the red phone booth stand out to other types and largely contributed to it becoming a British 20th century cultural icon. I am interested in capturing the human traces left behind on this historical artifact and documenting the decline of its relevance in today's smartphone-driven society. The juxtaposition between the telephone booth and the iPhone used as a photographic tool forms a dialogue between the two telecommunication devices, the old vs. the new. The main objective of the work is to balance the weight and attention given to every photograph to bring out each booth's characteristics. These encompass slight variations in colour saturation, the amount of graffiti, posters, stickers, etc., fixed to the exterior, and different states of deterioration, abrasion, and glass break visible on the outer surface.

The installation integrates a cross-section of the images embedded within a rigid-grid structure exploring the idea of the photograph as an object and giving way to a new form of presentation of photographic work in my practice.

“K6x100” shows the iconic red telephone booth in a new context, where spatial boundaries are broken through the relocation of 100 booths from London's streets into a sterile, closed environment. As the original object is being cut off from any human interaction and stripped of its practical use, the physical installation brings new elements to the phone booth's symbolic meaning and encourages a different interpretation of the aesthetics of K6 phone booths.